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SuperAnnotate updates July 2020


User and data analytics and vector editors

At SuperAnnotate we develop new features, integrate new functionalities, improve existing tools, and release the changes regularly at the end of each development cycle. In this article, you will find all the updates on the current cycle. At this stage, we are releasing the integration of the entropy value, the approve and disapprove functionalities for QA, and higher-level customer supervision as well as sign up, export, and image tab improvements. :)


||: release date 08/07/2020

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key-point annotation for a face detection task in SuperAnnotate

New features

in this cycle, we added


  • Entropy Value
  • Approve and Disapprove by customer and admin

Entropy Value

The entropy value integration will allow the user to select the most relevant images for their particular task. The system allows you to upload a CSV file with image names and entropy values, after which they are assigned to the images within the images space on the platform. This allows you to sort them later and determine the most suitable images for your annotation task.

how to upload a CSV file and sort the images by the Entropy values in SuperAnnotate

Approve and Disapprove by customer and admin

Within the editor space, the users on Admin and Customer levels are able to approve and disapprove every image. Later the annotators and the QA`s will be able to see the status of the image in the accordingly editor space. This allows having ann extra quality assurance level and allows the project managers or the customers to establish the ground truth annotation standard easily.

Approve and disapprove functionality in SuperAnnotate

Improvements and changes

A set of functionalities have been perfected for this circle.


  • Export Improvement
  • New Sign up and Sign in
  • Open editor through Image
  • Team Creator, Team Admin and Project Admin restrictions

Export Improvement

In the improved version of the export section, you will be able to choose the type of images you need to export (not started, in progress, finished, skipped, etc.), as well as the format of the JSON files. SuperAnnotate supports two export formats: SuperAnnotate and COCO

the export formats and options in SuperAnnotate

New Sign up and Sign in

With the improved sign in and sign up section, the process is effortless and fast. Apart from a user-friendly flow, you can now sign up and sign in by using your Google account.

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sign in and sign up improvements in SuperAnnotate

Open editor through an Image

Instead of opening the editor space by the Annotate button and searching for the image, you need to annotate form the sidebar, now you can enter the editor space by double-clicking on it, and the system will lend on that image by transferring you to the editor space.

how to open an image and enter the editor space in SuperAnnotate

Team Creator, Team Admin, and Project Admin restrictions

Within the internal user hierarchy of SuperAnnotate, in accordance with the recent improvements, the team creator is the highest administrative level. The higher the clearance of the admin, the more permissions they have concerning user roll changes, assigning and deleting other team admins, image uploads, and other administrative features. The Team creator can add other users, as well as assign other admins to the team. The team admin can not change or delete the team creator. The team admin, as well as the team creator, can decide the project admin permissions.

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the permissions that can be given to the project admin in SuperAnnotate.

The multi-level admin permissions allow the user to establish a well organized flexible project management system where each admin type has their designated scope of permissions.


We hope you enjoy the new SuperAnnotate updates and are always happy to get your feedback and find out more about what you liked and disliked about the new updates. Let us know what you think.


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