Product updates: May 22, 2022

Product May 23, 2022

How did you like our previous feature updates? Now, this month, we’ve cooked up more improvements to upgrade your experience at SuperAnnotate. Wanna take a sneak peek? Here’s the list of features that got a makeover:

product updates may

Release date: May 22, 2022

Point tool in the Video Editor

With this release, we’re introducing the point tool in the Video Editor. You can access it under the box tool. The point tool is best suited for annotating and tracking small objects. It covers use cases such as shape variations for motion tracking, facial landmark detection, hand gesture recognition, etc.

point tool in the video editor

Keypoint workflow setup and download file deletion

We have also streamlined the workflow setup process for you. You can now create a keypoint workflow right from the platform.

keypoint workflow setup

Additionally, you can now delete downloaded items from the Download tab. The download link will be expired after the deletion.

download file deletion

Display settings in grid view and bulk approval status change

We’re adding several display settings, which will allow you to easily search for items and instances of interest on the grid view of Vector projects. You can close and open display settings with the top left button. Modify the opacity of the instances by dragging the slider to the left or right.

opacity of the instances

Check/Uncheck item information boxes, show or hide item information and class/attributes names on the grid view.

check/uncheck item information boxes

We’re adding bulk status change functionality for vector and video projects. Once you select several items, you can see the Approve/Disapprove button in the floating bar.

bulk status change functionality for vector and video projects

By clicking on it, you can choose an approval status in the pop-up window.

approval status in the pop-up window

You can access more in our documentation. Stay connected for June updates.

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